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A brand new series of paintings and drawings made in response to Theo's time spent along the Welsh coastlines and river banks.

The texture in these works extrudes further from the canvas than ever before, giving the artwork a richly tactile presence.


 You could almost climb into one of the old rowing boats in Theo's paintings for a peaceful cup of tea next to the river.

Every piece on sale in this exhibition will be included with its original sketch, used as the essential resource to plan his paintings.

Sodden Hull at Low Tide. Oil and Wood on Panel

Sodden Hull at Low Tide, Oil and Wood on

There is also a small collection of paintings in this exhibition that were made in response to the streets of Cardiff and Cowbridge, focusing on late night scenes with harsh lights glaring down on to the urban streets.

These works focus much less on textured surfaces, instead they contain expressive and abstract mark making that amalgamates into some king of recognisable reality. 'Much like what I see in real life, as opposed to though a camera lens'

Cowbridge High St. Study #1. Oil on Panel

Cowbridge High St. Study #1, Oil on Pane


a touring exhibition

The Albany Gallery, Cardiff


MOMA, Machynlleth,


Falkland Islands Museum




South Georgia Museum 




Discovery Centre, Dundee

2021 dates tbc